If you have heard of WEN hair care products then you might be tempted to give it ia try.  Before you do you might want to know that there have been a number of lawsuits filed against Guthy-Renker.  This is the manufacturer of the WEN hair care products.  The lawsuits have alleged that the line of products that the company produces has caused many of the users to lose their hair.  There have actually been a number of lawsuits related to this company’s products.  The claims are that Guthy-Renker did not tell the consumers about any risks, even when they were complaining about losing their hair.
images (32)The Daily Beast had reported in 2015 that 200 women throughout 40 states had filed different suits against the company.  They had stated that they were suffering from hair loss, damage to their scalp and a number of other problems related to their hair care products.  Even though this product is said to be sulfate free those that have filed the claims have reported that they developed different side effects a few weeks after using this products.  One of the plaintiffs, Amy Friedman, said that she needed to take substantial vitamins, and it took weeks for her loss of hair to actually stop

“The hair loss is not de minimus – consumers who suffer hair loss often lose one quarter to one third of their hair, or more,” her lawsuit said. “As a result, beyond the cost of the Products, consumers are forced to undertake a variety of costly efforts to regain their hair and mask the ill effects of the Products.”

about_hair_lossThe company has stated that their product is not defective and does not cause any hair loss.  Even though this does not have sulfate in it, it does have other ingredients that you can find in a number of other hair care products.  There are a number of reasons that hair loss can take place.  Therefore, those that file a suit against this company will have to prove that WEN caused the hair loss.

The plaintiffs are arguing that Guthy-Renker either knew about the risks.  If they did not know, they should have known.  They also report that the company kept the risks hidden and they took comments related to hair loss off of their Faceboook page.


wen-hair-loss-420x273The company actually filed a motion for the lawsuits to be dismissed.  They said that the clients that filed the lawsuits had agreed to binding arbitration when they purchased the products online.  The Judge had thrown out part of the motion but then denied part of it.  The Judge stated that not all of the customers had the proper notice related to the arbitration.





bus vanSometimes, even in tragedy, you can find something that warms your heart. This was an accident that could have been even worse for a local mom, but the kindness of locals made a horrific situation just a tiny bit better than it could have been.

Just before Mother’s Day, Michelle James’ was doing what she always does. She was at a bus stop in Miramar waiting for the bus to show and take her to her destination. Unfortunately, a driver went out of control and slammed into the mom. Her five-year-old and her three-year-old were also at the scene. Makes was five months into her pregnancy at the time of the accident.

James’ friend Jen Kocetkov told the media about some information a nurse relayed to her about James’ condition. She stated, “The nurse said her leg was shattered. The worst she had ever seen. Her pelvis was floating somewhere.”

382eac_8ce311b60c304d9787c58261f7663966The driver who is accused of hitting James with her vehicle is Jessica Crane. Police state that before the crash, she was driving recklessly and weaving in and out of traffic. After she hit James, she took off and did not bother to stick around to see how the victim was. Until police to arrive to arrest Crane, Ramon Rodriguez followed her in his vehicle and blocked her in so that she was unable to get away.

According to the police, Crane claims that James hit her and that she did not hit anyone with her vehicle. Miramar police arrested Crane for fleeing an accident scene. However, until her toxicology reports come back, they are unable to charge her with more. If these reports come up positive, she could be facing additional charges.

11 days after the accident and James is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries. However, her coworkers are doing everything possible to keep James in good spirits and financially afloat. She has no real home or vehicle, and now that she is laid up in the hospital, she also has no income.

“She took three buses to get to work … always a sunny disposition and a wonderful human being,” stated Kocetkov.

Jelen George, her longtime friend stated, “She’s a great mother. She’s always looking out for her kids. I’ve always known that about her since day one. This statement is taken in consideration in a trial regarding this case, when judge confirmed that several people has spoken in her behalf, and that this was crucial information about this case so far.

“This is a tragic event that left people throughout the country in shock. The victim’s families need protection and help to ensure the proper liability is found,” states Joe and Martin,  attorneys and managing partners at a top Myrtle Beach personal injury firm. This will aid them in finding closure and moving on from such a life-changing event.”

Her kids are staying with a relative and have been released from the hospital. Coworkers and friends have created a GoFundMe account for James so that she can receive the kindness of strangers to keep her financially viable as she takes the time she needs to recover.

If you are victim auto accident lawyer Myrtle Beach  can help you protect your rights.



It seems that each year, pharmaceutical companies release promising new drugs onto the market. However, many of these medications have not yet undergone adequate testing and without those critical chunks of information, it’s impossible to determine whether or not the medication is worth the potential risks. This is a lesson that thousands of individuals who started to use the than new Xarelto as a blood thinner have started to realize. The new knowledge about Xarelto has prompted many to file lawsuits against the drug’s manufacture, Bayer AG and Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

One of the most famous people to have used Xarelto is Chris Bosh, who played basketball for the Miami Heat. According to Bosh, he had a blood clot and his doctor used Xarelto to help reduce the risk of future blood clots. Bosh even did an add campaign for the drug, a campaign that helped Bayer AG and Janssen Pharmaceuticals sell millions of dollars’ worth of Xarelto to Americans.

604906_pillsThe problem many Americans now have with Xarelto and its manufacturers is that they don’t feel they were adequately warned about the potential side effects. Side effects that include potentially fatal internal hemorrhaging. The lack of information has produced more than 3,400 lawsuits throughout the U.S.A. The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation forming MDL 2592 in Eastern Louisiana has taken more than 2,800 of these cases and consolidated them, while approximately 600 have been turned into a mass tort program which is being handled by Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas.

Each of the plaintiffs that has filed a Xarelto lawsuit is quick to state that had they realized just how severe and common the internal bleeding and other side effects could be, they never would have opted to use Xarelto as part of their treatment program.

One woman who was taking Xarelto when her menstrual cycle to treat an irregular heartbeat experienced so much blood loss she was rushed to the emergency room where a 2 pint blood transfusion was required in order to save her life. She wonders if she’d had a serious injury if the medical team would have been able to get the bleeding stopped soon enough to save her.

There have been several fatalities linked to the Xarelto use. According to www.johnbales.com anyone who has either suffered health complications as a direct result of the blood thinner or that has lost a closely related loved on to the medication has a few legal options.

The first thing you’ll have to decide is whether or not you want an experienced attorney to help you file an individual claim, or if you should join a class action claim that is already in progress.

wxarelto_package_opened_image1Deciding to file an individual Xarelto lawsuit means you control every aspect of the plaintiff’s side of the case You determine who your lawyers are, approve experts, and even impact which court the case will be heard in. These are all positive aspects of having a solo Xarelto lawsuit, but on the other hand, you’ll be responsible for your sides legal fees and handling everything on your own is time consuming. Having a good lawyer will lessen your responsibility in an individual lawsuit. The best thing that comes out of an individual’s Xarelto lawsuit is that if the judge rules in your favor, the settlement you receive will be large enough to cover lost wages, medical bills connected to the condition, and there’s often money included to compensate you for your pain and suffering.

If you decide to become part of a class action suit, you won’t be able to choose the John Bales Attorneys that handles the case nor will you be involved in most of the major decision. When a settlement is reached, it will be split between all of the plaintiffs. The up side is you don’t have to devote much time to the case and can focus on regaining your health and getting on with your life. It’s important to remember that if you’re part of a Xarelto class action lawsuit and the case is lost, you won’t be able to file an individual Xarelto lawsuit at a later date.

The deaths of two young residents in two separate accidents less than a year apart has sparked at fervent plea for something to be done about the busiest and most dangerous intersection in Cheektowaga. The traffic safety study resulting from the public outcry for change at the intersection of Walden Avenue and Harlem Road in the town of Cheektowaga, Erie County, has been completed by the New York State Department of Transportation. 

Next month, the crossing countdown timers at each leg of the intersection will have new audible pedestrian push buttons. When the pedestrian button is activated, the pedestrian will be audibly notified of which street can be safely crossed.  When not in use, the audible pedestrian button will present a continuous tone to remind pedestrians to utilize push buttons for safe crossing.  Visual crossing indicators will be enhanced for the hearing impaired.

By the end of December, additional safety measures should include:

  • The existing 45 mph speed limit on Walden Avenue will be reduced to 35 mph from Harlem Road to the east.
  • New ramps that meet Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.
  • Crosswalks on the north leg of Harlem Road and the east leg of Walden Avenue will be re-aligned to increase pedestrian visibility.
  • High visibility crosswalks on all legs of the intersection.
  • Electronic “No Right on Red” signs will be added to all approaches of the intersection.  These signs will only be illuminated when the pedestrian call button has been pushed and will remain illuminated until after the pedestrian phase of the traffic signal is complete. 

Informational brochures on how to safely cross the street at an intersection will be provided to local community and civic organizations.  The Department of Transportation will also work with the school districts in the area in an effort to educate children on the proper way to cross the street. 


According to the CDC website, the Injury Prevention and Control: Motor Vehicle Safety article stated, “In 2012, 4,743 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States, and another 76,000 pedestrians were injured.”

Recovering from the aftermath of a pedestrian accident can be traumatic. The experience is often overwhelming and the hours after the collision will be dedicated solely to getting medical attention. However, if you are a family member of someone who died in a pedestrian accident, you are now faced with the horrible task of moving forward with life while suffering the grief and loss of your loved one. It is important to understand what to do to safeguard the rights and options of all the victims. A lawsuit may be the last thing you think of in those first few days after the crash, but it can be the best way to recuperate from the inevitable financial impact. Seeking the advice of a New York Personal Injury Attorney can help eliminate any confusion or worry.

But be aware, not all pedestrian accidents are caused by negligent drivers. Some pedestrian accidents are ruled in the favor of the driver. With this in mind, do your part to keep yourself and your loved ones safe when crossing the road.

Some of the most common causes for pedestrian accidents are:

  • pedestrians walking at night without reflective or bright clothing
  • vehicles that run red lights
  • drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • drivers that fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
  • pedestrians that do not use marked crosswalks
  • pedestrians ignoring crossing signals

Pedestrians that suffer a personal injury in New York will face a number of hard facts. After a serious pedestrian accident the injured party will incur the cost of both current and future medical expenses. They may lose wages due to the accident and possibly lose their job altogether. Pain and suffering are also a large part of recovering from an injury. Loss of enjoyment of favorite activities may also bring down your quality of life. Families of people who have died in a pedestrian collision will also face similar damages.

If you suffered a personal injury, in New York or if a family member of yours was killed in a pedestrian accident caused by a negligent driver, it is important to seek a Personal Injury Lawyer immediately. Pulvers Thompson Personal Injury Lawyers has an established reputation in New York and will help you ensure that your legal rights are protected. They can help you recover fair compensation for lost wages, medical costs due to related injury, long-term diminished quality of life, and loss of life compensation for immediate family.

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