Pregnant Mom Hit By Car in Miramar While Waiting On a Bus

bus vanSometimes, even in tragedy, you can find something that warms your heart. This was an accident that could have been even worse for a local mom, but the kindness of locals made a horrific situation just a tiny bit better than it could have been.

Just before Mother’s Day, Michelle James’ was doing what she always does. She was at a bus stop in Miramar waiting for the bus to show and take her to her destination. Unfortunately, a driver went out of control and slammed into the mom. Her five-year-old and her three-year-old were also at the scene. Makes was five months into her pregnancy at the time of the accident.

James’ friend Jen Kocetkov told the media about some information a nurse relayed to her about James’ condition. She stated, “The nurse said her leg was shattered. The worst she had ever seen. Her pelvis was floating somewhere.”

382eac_8ce311b60c304d9787c58261f7663966The driver who is accused of hitting James with her vehicle is Jessica Crane. Police state that before the crash, she was driving recklessly and weaving in and out of traffic. After she hit James, she took off and did not bother to stick around to see how the victim was. Until police to arrive to arrest Crane, Ramon Rodriguez followed her in his vehicle and blocked her in so that she was unable to get away.

According to the police, Crane claims that James hit her and that she did not hit anyone with her vehicle. Miramar police arrested Crane for fleeing an accident scene. However, until her toxicology reports come back, they are unable to charge her with more. If these reports come up positive, she could be facing additional charges.

11 days after the accident and James is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries. However, her coworkers are doing everything possible to keep James in good spirits and financially afloat. She has no real home or vehicle, and now that she is laid up in the hospital, she also has no income.

“She took three buses to get to work … always a sunny disposition and a wonderful human being,” stated Kocetkov.

Jelen George, her longtime friend stated, “She’s a great mother. She’s always looking out for her kids. I’ve always known that about her since day one. This statement is taken in consideration in a trial regarding this case, when judge confirmed that several people has spoken in her behalf, and that this was crucial information about this case so far.

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Her kids are staying with a relative and have been released from the hospital. Coworkers and friends have created a GoFundMe account for James so that she can receive the kindness of strangers to keep her financially viable as she takes the time she needs to recover.

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