WEN Hair Care Faces Lawsuits After Products Linked to Hair Loss

If you have heard of WEN hair care products then you might be tempted to give it ia try.  Before you do you might want to know that there have been a number of lawsuits filed against Guthy-Renker.  This is the manufacturer of the WEN hair care products.  The lawsuits have alleged that the line of products that the company produces has caused many of the users to lose their hair.  There have actually been a number of lawsuits related to this company’s products.  The claims are that Guthy-Renker did not tell the consumers about any risks, even when they were complaining about losing their hair.
images (32)The Daily Beast had reported in 2015 that 200 women throughout 40 states had filed different suits against the company.  They had stated that they were suffering from hair loss, damage to their scalp and a number of other problems related to their hair care products.  Even though this product is said to be sulfate free those that have filed the claims have reported that they developed different side effects a few weeks after using this products.  One of the plaintiffs, Amy Friedman, said that she needed to take substantial vitamins, and it took weeks for her loss of hair to actually stop

“The hair loss is not de minimus – consumers who suffer hair loss often lose one quarter to one third of their hair, or more,” her lawsuit said. “As a result, beyond the cost of the Products, consumers are forced to undertake a variety of costly efforts to regain their hair and mask the ill effects of the Products.”

about_hair_lossThe company has stated that their product is not defective and does not cause any hair loss.  Even though this does not have sulfate in it, it does have other ingredients that you can find in a number of other hair care products.  There are a number of reasons that hair loss can take place.  Therefore, those that file a suit against this company will have to prove that WEN caused the hair loss.

The plaintiffs are arguing that Guthy-Renker either knew about the risks.  If they did not know, they should have known.  They also report that the company kept the risks hidden and they took comments related to hair loss off of their Faceboook page.


wen-hair-loss-420x273The company actually filed a motion for the lawsuits to be dismissed.  They said that the clients that filed the lawsuits had agreed to binding arbitration when they purchased the products online.  The Judge had thrown out part of the motion but then denied part of it.  The Judge stated that not all of the customers had the proper notice related to the arbitration.





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