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i am aware that the term is normally regarded as a bad quality, a mark of the lacking, poor, and person that is insecure.

Then look at the truth of envy. But envy is additionally hardwired into us being a tough guardian of committed love. It could set a wall surface of fire around a relationship that will not enable casual invaders to maraud and take what’s valuable. And envy shows that individuals don’t really have confidence in NSA sex. We have jealous in dealing with our partner’s old enthusiasts and previous experiences; an irrational and reaction that is inconsistent intercourse may be meaningless. We additionally insist upon exclusivity as love grows. But why? If the partner can declare that intercourse with someone else had been simply NSA, does not that let them from the hook? No way. Every fiber in your being tells you that. Your envy contradicts your belief in NSA sex. (which explains why Ross’s excuse, ‘We were for a break’, does hold water for n’t Rachel; sex is not NSA.)

Another evidence of the lie of NSA intercourse has to do with our inconsistency with regards to taboos around intercourse. Continue reading →