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1. Parties — class official certification — appellate review of grant of official certification. — The supreme court reviews a test court’s grant of course official certification under an abuse-of-discretion standard.

2. Parties — class official certification — six requirements for official certification. — The six criteria for course official certification are set out in Ark.R.Civ.P. 23(a) and b that is(: (1) numerosity; (2) commonality; (3) typicality; (4) adequacy; (5) predominance; and (6) superiority.

3. Parties — class official certification — elements of adequacy requirement. — the court that is supreme interpreted Ark.R.Civ.P. 23(a)(4), which involves adequacy, to need three elements: (1) the representative counsel must certanly be qualified, skilled and generally speaking in a position to conduct the litigation; (2) there should be no proof of collusion or conflicting interest between your agent together with course; and (3) the agent must show some minimal amount of desire for the action, knowledge of the practices challenged, and power to help in decision-making as to your conduct of this litigation. Continue reading →