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Let me make it clear about avoid paywalls with Anti-Paywall for Firefox and Chrome

Anti-Paywall is a browser that is new for Firefox and Chrome built to bypass internet site paywalls automatically whenever pages of supported web web internet sites are checked out.

Paywall systems are made to keep anybody but readers from accessing content that is certain the world wide web. Specially paper web web web sites utilize the feature to restrict use of content, and also to entice people to subscribe in order that they might access content through the subscription duration.

Non-subscribers come across difficulties with these websites nonetheless. If a write-up is connected on a social media marketing site|media that are social or elsewhere, there was often no indicator if it is behind a paywall or perhaps not (unless the writer added the data).

It really is aggravating to adhere to a web link simply to be greeted by way of a “access rejected” message and a huge membership package.


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The Anti-Paywall extension for Firefox and Chrome utilizes methods that are various bypass paywalls for supported internet sites. Record of internet sites includes Forbes, Independent UK, Chicago Tribune, Boston world, ny days, The Australian, Seattle instances or even The Wall Street Journal at this time. the complete a number of internet internet sites that it supports from the project’s GitHub web page.

Modify: The extension ended up being taken off the Firefox and Chrome internet shop. It’s still available on GitHub.

The expansion works immediately without you needing to do just about anything. That it uses various means, most notable changes to the user agent to mask as Google Bot, cookies or referer, to bypass the paywall if you check the source code, you will notice. Continue reading →